How We Work


CFG receive referrals from a variety of agencies and professionals including GPs, school nurses and pastoral support, CAMHS, social services etc and also families are able to make a self-referral.

Once a referral has been made our Lead Therapist will phone the family to introduce our service to them and answer any questions they may have about the process that we offer to them.  At this stage an initial assessment will be undertaken over the phone to gather general information about the family and hear a little about the person who has died and the impact that the death is having on the family.

Two of our therapists will then be allocated to work with the family and they will ring the family to arrange an initial home visit.  The purpose of this visit is to meet the family and talk to the family about the impact of the death of their special person.  Following this initial visit two more home visits will be arranged with the therapists, which gives our therapists time to build a safe and supportive relationship with the family and understand more about the impact of the death on each of them.  The home visits help us to understand how we can support the family to work through their grief as individuals and as a family at the bereavement weekend.


The family will then be invited to one of our bereavement weekends that are held in Torquay.  At the weekend the family will have the opportunity of meeting other bereaved families.  Our team of therapists will help the family to work through their grief by looking at their difficult and often confusing emotions, enabling the family to communicate and find ways of sharing memories of their special person together.  The weekend gives bereaved families a unique opportunity to attend to their grief as individuals as well as together as a family in order for them to be able to reinvest in life and move forward taking the memory of their special person with them.

Following the weekend the two therapists will return for a closing visit to look at whether there is a need for referral on to any other form of support for the family and also to ask if the family would like to stay in touch with our charity through attending our social events.

We hold at least 2 social events every year where families who have completed the process with us are invited back to a day out in South Devon, at a variety of venues, with our team of therapists and other bereaved families.  This enables families to build a network of support for their future.


We also offer the following servcies for school bereavement groups and training for professionals:

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