How We Work


At CFG we receive referrals from a variety of agencies and professionals including GP’s surgeries, schools, colleges, health visitors, Social Services, CAMHS etc. and we also receive self-referrals from families who have been bereaved.

Once a referral has been made to our charity our Lead Therapist will call the family to have an initial telephone conversation with the family to introduce them to our service, explain how we work and when we can offer them our service.  This is also an opportunity to find out from the family a little more about the death of their special person, how this is affecting them and how we can best help and support them at this time.

Our Lead Therapist will then arrange to go to visit the family at their home with a co-therapist to undertake an initial assessment visit.  At this assessment visit we take some resources to support the family on particular aspects of grief as an additional and on-going support.  Our therapists discuss with the family what we can offer to them and find out what the family need in way of support from us and then we agree together the best way forward.  We also offer telephone support until the therapeutic work starts with families.

We have several different options for our therapeutic support that we can offer to families that we see and we discuss these options with each family at the initial assessment visit to ensure they have the right support for them.  Our support and counselling is tailored around the needs of the family.  Some families may benefit from just receiving an initial assessment visit, talking things through together and receiving some resources, other families may benefit from a series of home visits by two of our therapists and some families may benefit from a series of home visits along with the addition of attending a bereavement day with other bereaved families.

We always undertake a closing visit to families who have received our support to ensure that they are referred on, if this is appropriate, for any other support needed, we collect feedback and we also offer families the chance to stay in touch with us and other bereaved families via our social events, which are held a couple of times each year.

We also offer bereavement groups to schools and colleges across South Devon; please see the attached flyer for details.

Flyer Bereavement groups in schools&colleges 2018

We deliver training to professionals and agencies who work with children and young people who are bereaved on how to best support grieving children and young people; please see the attached flyer for details.

CFG training flyer 2018 new