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We want to let you know that during this uncertain time of Covid-19 our charity is still in operation and we are doing all we can to continue to provide the same service to bereaved families in South Devon with just a few adjustments.

Currently our sessions are taking place online or over the telephone instead of our therapists visiting families in their homes and we are delaying our bereavement days until it is safe for groups to meet together under government guidance.

Referral Criteria

On Going SupportOur referral criteria for families are that:

* They have children under the age of 18

* Grief is the issue to be worked with

* The whole family want to engage and focus on their grief

* The grief is having an impact on the children’s behaviour or the family’s ability to function

Our service offers 3 family sessions with a review, a therapeutic weekend followed by a final session to include referral if necessary to another organisation, such as Cruse for further support.

Please note:

Families experiencing a bereavement within the last 3 months may be referred to another organisation primarily before accessing our service, as this time can be too raw for families to engage in our bereavement weekends.

We do not work with families that have child protection issues going on

We do not offer one to one counselling

We reserve the right to decline to work with families we feel that we are unable to help

Anyone can refer to Children and Families in Grief

If you would like our team to support you and your family at this difficult time, please download a form below which is in word.doc format or PDF and complete. When you have completed the form please send it to:

Children and Families in Grief

PO Box 425



Or download and and email to [email protected] as an attachment.

Word doc


Note* As a new organisation we will be continually reviewing all documents during our period of development.