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Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

What we offer

At CFG we receive referrals from a variety of agencies and professionals including GP’s surgeries, schools, colleges, health visitors, Social Services, CAMHS and others agencies. We also receive referrals direct from families, or friends of families, who want to access our help and support.

After referral 

Once a referral has been made to our charity our Lead Therapist will call the family to have an initial conversation to introduce them to our service, explain how we work and when we can offer them our service.  This is also an opportunity to find out from the family a little more about the death of their special person, how this is affecting them and how we can best help and support them at this time.

Initial assessment session

At the initial phone call our Lead Therapist will arrange a zoom call with the family to meet them all and to find out more about their experience of loss, this also gives the opportunity to explain what we offer before the family decide what they need from our service.


We have several different options for the therapeutic support and counselling that we offer to families.  At the initial assessment session we will discuss these options with each family  to ensure they have the right support for them.


Our support and counselling is tailored around the needs of the family.  Some families may benefit from receiving just the initial zoom call and having some resources posted to them.  Other families may benefit from a series of zoom sessions or home visits by our therapists, and some families may benefit from attending a Family Day with other bereaved families after the family sessions.

Family Day

At our Family Days, that we hold several times each year, we invite a small group of families to be together for a Saturday for a day of therapy together.  Some of the day we spend time as a larger group of families and  we also have some time separated into groups for the children, teens and adults.  Throughout the day we use different forms of creative and play therapy to give families the chance to process their grief, and the day also gives families an opportunity to make connections and friendships with each other.

Closing visit

We undertake a closing visit with the families who have received the whole package of support, including a series of sessions and attending the Family Day.  At the closing visit we offer families the chance of attending our social events, which are held a few times a year.  We try to offer the opportunity of attending social events for up to 2 years after attendance at a Family Day. 

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