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Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

Children & Families in Grief

Family days

Children and young people can be adversely affected by grief, we offer bereavement support through our specialist therapists to facilitate healthy bereavement.

How we can help

Difficulty concentrating

This can lead to problems at school and affect learning capacity

Withdrawal from the family

Can lead to isolation 


Is on the rise in young people 


This can lead to behavioural problems in and outside of school 

Sad children
Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

Familiy days and social events

The process of grief can involve shock, denial, anger, yearning and despair.


A person may experience a mixture of these feelings or may experience all of them in the space of one day. Sometimes children and adults feel stuck and struggle coming to terms with their loss; we offer bereavement support through trained therapists to facilitate healthy grief.


Family Days help different age groups, through their shared experience, learn from one another and develop healthy responses to grief.

We have found that families often build friendships with others they meet at our Family Days or our social events, which helps build a network of support for the future.

Bereavement Groups at your school or college. 6 weekly sessions from our therapists, more about bereavement groups 

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